Alex Dujshebaev: « Many players from our generation will become superstars »


Top scorer of Liga Asobal and son of a very famous father, Alex Dujshebaev, 20 years old, is in our opinion the best right back of his generation. Despite his young age, he has already a lot of experience and he should explore his potential in a stronger league soon enough.

Handball-Talents: Let’s talk a little about you. You are the son of one of the best players ever seen, so I suppose contrary to other handball players, handball was in your blood since the beginning ?

Certainly, handball is really a part of my life.

Handball-Talents: Some « son of » don’t succeed to perpetuate their elders talent. How do you explain your success despite your young age ?

 Well, sometimes it is difficult because it give me a lot of pressure but you have to take it easy if you want to succeed.

Handball-Talents: How do you look at your father who was voted two times world player of the year and second best player of the century ?

From my point of view, my father is the best player I have ever seen but obviously I’m far from being impartial 😉

Handball-Talents:  Who are the palyers who inspire you ? And how could you describe your style ?

It’s hard to answer anything else than my father.About my style, well, I think I’m not a typical player in my position because I’m not tall or a big shooter from outside so I have to find other ways of scoring and assist my fellows.

Handball-Talents:  You grew up in Ciudad Real, you played two seasons in Naturhouse La Rioja and now you are in Aragon. Three big spanish clubs at only 20, it’s impressive, could you tell us your story through these 3 clubs ? 

In Ciudad Real I was very young and I trained with those who were the best players in the world. I went to Logroño to play more and learn in a team where I could improve my skills and finally I ended in Zaragoza where I can be a key player while still improving and  I’m very happy here right now.

Handball-Talents: You are the best scorer of Liga Asobal this year ahead of players like Lazarov or Ruesga, how do you explain this efficiency ?

I think it’s because in Barcelona, Atletico and other top teams, minutes are more shared than in Aragon where some players have to play every minute.

Handball-Talents: You were voted best right back at the U20 EURO in 2012, you won this EURO and you finished second in U19 World Championship and U18 EURO, how did you live these competitions ? And what is the goal for the U21 World Championship this summer ?

I think right now we have to win the Junior World Championship but it will be very hard because there are many very strong teams.

Handball-Talents: Pablo Cacheda, Juan José Fernandez and you seem to be the most promising players of your generation. You and your spanish teamates had a lot of playing time and progress this season due to economic crisis, but this crisis decreases the level of Asobal year after year. Do you think it’s time for you to leave and play a competition like Champions League to progress even more ?

Well it’s hard to decide because I like Spain a lot but the situation here is really bad and of course every player would like to play the Champions League.

Handball-Talents: What are your favourite destinations ? Have you some serious contacts in big european clubs ?

The truth is that in principle I would like to stay in Spain but I find french and german leagues more interesting and stronger now.

Handball-Talents: You played against a lot of players of your generation in international competitions. For you, who were the most impressive players ?

I couldn’t tell you because there are a lot of great players in our generation and I think many of them will become global superstars.

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