Arthur Patrianova: « I wanna played in a strong league in Europe »

Arthur Patrianova

He was one of the new talents discovered during the World Championship in Spain. The left back Arthur Patrianova is the future of the brazilian national team, and he’s not willing to stop there.

1. Let’s talk a little about you. Who are you ? Who are you playing for ? How did you become a handball player as football is likely a religion in Brazil ? Which players are inspiring you ?

My name is Arthur Malburg Patrianova, I was born in Itajai ( little city in the south of Brazil ) 19 years ago but now I live in São Paulo where I play for Esporte Clube Pinheiros. Handball is so popular in my hometown so at 11 years old I started playing at school just for fun. Then I played in my city team and in 2010 I moved to São Paulo.
Gustavo Kuerten ( brazilian tennis player ) inspire me a lot because he’s from my state and Daniel Narcisse is my model in handball.

2. You did really good in the World Championship with Brazil. How did you feel during this competition ?

Everything was new for me as it was my first games with the senior national team so I needed to adapt quickly. But it was an amazing experience, I really enjoyed this moment.

3. You faced some big names during this World Championship, who was the most impressive player from your point of view ?

I was so nervous during the game versus Spain in the friendly cup before the World Championship. But it helped me to face the big names with naturalness, but of course I still admire players like  Karabatic, Narcisse, Alberto Entrerrios, Omeyer and some others.

4. You will certainly play the Junior World Championship this summer, what are your expectations from it ?

The group will work hard for this competition and I expect to do the best result of the brazilian history.

5. You still play in Brazil but your performances in Spain show you have the qualities to play in Europe. Are you ready to cross the ocean ? Some clubs already have contacted you ? And to your mind, what would be the perfect european championship to play in?

I’m ready and I want so much to move for Europe. Some clubs contacted me but none made an official proposal. I wanna played in a strong league in Europe, where I can develop my handball.  I follow Germany, France and Spain leagues, but many other leagues are very strong in Europe.

6. To finish, has the handball some chances to be a top sport in Brazil ?

We’re growing up, and I think with a great participation in Rio Olympics Games 2016 the handball can be definitely a top sport in Brazil.

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