Bogdan Radivojevic: « I have to learn a lot more before I can call myself a handball player »

Bogdan Radivojevic

He is a part one of the biggest revelations this season in EHF Champions League with RK Partizan and he already did great this summer with the U20 Serbia national team on his right wing. Handball Talents offers you this little interview with Bogdan Radivojevic, certainly the next big talent from Serbia.

Handball Talents: Let’s talk a little about you. Who are you ? Who are you playing for ? How did you become a handball player ? Which players are inspiring you ?

Bogdan Radivojevic: My name is Bogdan Radivojevic ,I was born  on the 2nd of March, 1993. I play on the right wing position for the Partizan Belgrade.I started with handball by accident. Indeed Partizan Belgrade held trainings for young categories in my neighborhood, I went to try and I liked it and so i, thank god, stayed . The players who I like are Luc Abalo and Hans Lindberg.

Handball Talents: In your national championship, your team is the favorite one, is it difficult for you to play with this pressure?

Bogdan Radivojevic: No, it’s not so dificult ,it »s inspiring ! Moreover, I know that I have to give my maximum at all times to justify our role, and to win another title for our club ! I like to play under pressure !

Handball Talents: In the last U20 European Championship, Serbia finished 15th out of 16 but you played well with 42 goals at the end. How did you feel during this competition? And who were the most impressive players in this competition from your point of view?

Bogdan Radivojevic: I felt that we had big chances to pass the group, because we fought hard with every team in the group phase, but we run out of luck at the end. If we passed the group phase, I believe that we would make a success at the championship. I felt during this championship, that I could show a lot of my play and I’m satisfied with my personal effect. During the competition I noticed Ante Kaleb and Mandalinic from Croatia, Pablo Cacheda from Spain, Hampus Wanne from Sweden ,and left wing from France Hugo Descat!

Handball Talents: You are great at 7m shots, we have seen it at the Euro but also in Champions League. How do explain it? And what are your other qualities?

Bogdan Radivojevic: I don’t have any special recipe for 7m, it’s a lottery for me, and im simply lucky. My other qualities are speed, jump, shot from right back position,and of course counter attack. I’m not afraid of any challenge that is placed in front of me.

Handball Talents: You are under the lights this season in Champions League, 8 goals against Flensburg, 7 against Montpellier, 4 against Hambourg, do you feel you have reached a new step in your progression as handball player?

Bogdan Radivojevic: Of course I have reached a big step in my progression as  handball player, but I have to learn a lot more, and to work much, much more before I can call myself a handball player.

Handball Talents: All players wish to play for a big club, what are your favorites ones?

Bogdan Radivojevic: My favorite clubs are Flensburg, THW Kiel, Hamburg, Barcelona and Rhein Neckar Löwen.

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