Interview of Juanjo Fernández Sánchez


He is a part of the golden generation from Spain which won the gol medal at the U20 Euro this summer. And he is a big part of it since he was voted Best Defence Player of the competition. Handball Talents offers you this little interview with Juanjo Fernández Sánchez, certainly the future « rock » of La Roja.

Handball Talents: Let’s talk a little about you. Who are you ? Who are you playing for ? How did you become a handball player ? Which players are inspiring you ?

Juan José Fernández Sánchez: My name is Juan José Fernández Sánchez, I’m 19 years old. I was born in Ciudad Real and I’m very attached to it but now I’m playing for BM Ciudad Encantada of Cuenca. I started to play handball because when I was a child I loved that sport so much that I went each week end to see BM Ciudad Real with my father. My favorite player is Alberto Entrerrios because I trained with him and he thought me a lot of things when he was in Ciudad Real.

HT: Your team did a great start in Liga Asobal and recently played against Barcelona (defeat 38-24). How did you feel during this game?

JJFS: Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world, we lost the match but we played a good game and I´m rather happy  because I scored 6 goals against them.

HT: With your national team, you were voted Best Defence Player at both U18 and U20 European Championships. Doing the job in defence, is it something you always like to do?

JJFS: I like defence very much and I work hard on it because it’s very important in a game. But I like having the oportunity to play offence as left back because I always played in this position since I was 14 and I always liked to attack and score goals.

HT: Your generation has won 2 silver medals ( U18 Euro 2010 and Youth World Championship 2011) and a gold medal (U20 Euro 2012), so it seems your country has some great talents for the future. Could you tell us who do you think are the 3 most talented players among your teammates?

JJFS: I think that Alex Dujshebaev is one of the best U21 players  and I also like Ignacio Plaza Jimenez (pivot of Atletico Madrid) and Pablo Cacheda (center back of Academia Octavio).

HT: You are on loan in Ciudad Encantada since July 2011 but it’ll end at the end of this season. Is it sure you’ll be a player of Atletico Madrid next year or there is a chance you stay here?

JJFS: I´m not sure about my future but during Christmas break I will be talking with BM Atletico Madrid to see what they have in mind.

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