Rui Silva: « I think I’m ready to leave »

rui silva

He’s coming from Portugal and we should see him in a big league one of these days, let’s discover Rui Silva, the talented middle back with glasses who could be the leader of a new Portugal.

1. Let’s talk a little about you. Who are you ? Who are you playing for ? How did you become a handball player in a country where handball is not well known?

My name is Rui Silva, I’m 19 years old and I’m playing for Sporting Club Portugal. I started to play handball being influenced by my mom and my dad who used to play and my older brother who plays too.

2. Which players are inspiring you ?

There are 3 players who influenced me: my older brother (Nuno Silva, 22 years old, middle back of Madeira), Ivano Balic and Iker Romero.

3. You play with glasses, is it a view problem or something else ? Does it annoy you when you play ?

I have a vision problem, in the beginning it annoyed me a little but now I’m confortable with it.

4. You won the silver medal at the U20 EURO in 2010 as you were only 17, and last summer, you finished 5th at the U20 EURO with Portugal, you were top scorer and voted as best middle back. How did you live these two experiences ?

Both experiences were amazing for me. The silver medal was an unexpected achievement that proves that Portugal can beat the best teams and me being a part of it so young turned it even more perfect.
The fifth place and the individual prize were very important because it was my generation.Being fifth showed that Portugal continues to have good players and good teams.

5.  Portugal often do great things in youth or junior competitions but never did a great tournament at senior level. Are you in a hurry to play at senior level and to try to change things ?

I’m not in a hurry but I would like to become a part of this change and to participate in an important competition where Portugal could begin to fight and win against big teams like it does in youth competitions.

6.  Ricardo Andorinho is the only portuguese player who achieved to play out of Portugal, how do you explain that players from your country don’t try to go abroad ?

Money that foreign teams offer to portuguese players are not very diferent that money that portuguese teams offer. And portuguese players often have a lack of ambition mixed with a fear to try something new.

7. You still play in Portugal but you showed you have the qualities to play in some biggest leagues. Are you ready to leave Portugal ? Some clubs already have contacted you ? And  to your mind, what would be the perfect european championship to play in?

I think i’m ready to leave and a few clubs had contacted me but there is nothing serious yet. I think that french and german championships are the most attractives and competitives so i think I could play in one of these.

 8. With Gilberto Duarte, Joao Ferraz and you, Portugal has 3 young players with a lot of potential. Has something changed in the past few years in the training of young players ?

I think that often playing  in Junior Europeans and World Championships helped the evolution of young players and we have a lot of good coaches in young teams and clubs with very good conditions.

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