Review of the 12/13 season’s talents


Still two months until the end of this season but a lot of new talents have already emerged from all over the world, so let’s take a look at them and know the future stars before everyone ! In this article, only players from 1992/1993 will be listed, the next generation is still too young to do significant performances at high level.


 Nikola Portner (20 years old – BSV Bern)

Despite a sixth place in the swiss championship, Nikola Portner and Bern are still in the race for the play offs. His great games in the national championship  let him perform in the senior national team permanently and he will be the leader of the swiss U21 selection at the U21 World Championship this summer. His contract ends in July 2014 but he could move in a bigger club this summer.

 Peter Johannesson (20 years old – Sävehof)

He had a lot of playing time this season in swedish championship and Champions League where he did great. He will be the number one goalkeeper next year as Thomas Forsberg will leave and the future number two is Niklas Kraft, who is 17 years old. He will also be in Bosnia for the U21 World Championship where he’ll be able to defend his title of best goalkeeper of the U20 Euro earned last summer.

 Filip Ivic (20 years old – Zagreb)

Thrusting  into the light with all the young generation of croatian players of Zagreb, Filip Ivic is already the number one in Zagreb and he did amazing performances in Champions League. Selected in senior croatian national team, he managed to play one hour with a great saving percentage (38% – 19/50), he clearly won his place behind Alilovic.

Left wing

 Dejan Manaskov (20 years old – Metalurg)

Already here in Serbia at the EURO with senior national team, Dejan Manaskov has a lot of experience for a player of his age. Key player of his club, he scored 42 goals in Champions League before an injury which will move him away from the ground until the end of the season. Definitely a winger made in pure Eastern tradition.

 Raul Santos (20 years old – Gummersbach)

His dominican origins gave Raul Santos the same kind of skills as Abalo, and he took benefit from it, to say the least. Before being transferred to Gummersbach in February, he scored 9 goals per game in the austrian championship and 7 goals per game at international level with Austria. He must now learn to be efficient in the best championship to show everyone his talent.

 Hampus Wanne (19 years old – Onnereds, Flensburg next season)

He had a difficult season with Aranäs which had sports and financial problems and was forced to move to Onnereds in swedish second division for the end of season. Despite this awful season, Flensburg and Ljubomir Vranjes offered him a one year contract for the next season. Meanwhile, he’ll be at the Junior World Championship this summer with Sweden to defend the bronze medal won at the last Youth World Championship at least.

 Hugo Descat (20 years old – Créteil)

Voted best young player in french champiosnhip last year and best left wing at the last Youth World Championship, Hugo Descat is now one of the leaders of his club at only 20. He is right now the 4th best scorer of the french championship and he had his first selection with the french national team against Norway few days ago.

 Julian Emonet (21 years old – Dunkerque)

With the injury of Butto at the beginning of the season, Julian Emonet had a lot of playing time and he used it in a nice way. As efficient as Butto, Dunkerque has now two great players on left wing and Emonet seems to have a great margin of progression.

Left Back

 Borut Mackovsek (20 years old – Celje, Hannover next season)

Known by everybody now, Borut Mackovsek did a lot of great games in both Champions League with Celje and World Championship with Slovenia. His best game was a wonderful 13/14 against Hamburg in CL but it wasn’t enough to pass through the last 16. Next season, he will have to prove he can play with such talent in Bundesliga as he will wear the shirt of the ambitious team of Hannover.

 Arthur Patrianova (19 years old – EC Pinheiros)

He wasn’t expected at such a level at the World Championship where he was among the best five efficient scorers from 9 meters. Patrianova is the next big talent from South America and he should find a top club in Europe soon.

 Timothey N’Guessan (20 years old – Chambéry)

Injuried last season, Chambéry expected a lot from him this season. In the worse season of the club since many years, N’Guessan is one of the only satisfactions. Despite a lack of regularity, he did amazing performances that gave him the chance to be in the french national team in Spain.

 Baptiste Bonnefond (20 years old – Montpellier)

With Nikola Karabatic, William Accambray and Mathieu Grébille playing on his position in September, Baptiste Bonnefond had almost any chance to play with the first team. But Karabatic has leaved and Grébille has been injured so Bonnefond played few games where he did great even in Champions League.

 Stipe Mandalinic (20 years old – Zagreb)

MVP of the last U20 EURO, Stipe Mandalinic had a lot of playing time in Zagreb this season. With 28 goals in Champions League, Goluza offered him a place in the croatian squad in Spain where he played almost two hours.

 Alexander Dereven (20 years old – Chekhovskie Medvedi)

Best russian player at the last U20 EURO with 7 goals per game, Dereven had played two games (6 goals) in Champions League this season with the « old » Chekhov team. He will be the leader of the junior russian national team at the U21 World Championship this summer.

 Juan José Fernandez (20 years old – Ciudad Encantada, on loan from Atletico)

Voted best defensive player in U18 and U20 EURO of his generation, Juan José Fernandez seems to have learned how to attack with Ciudad Encantada as he scored 3,5 goals per game this season in Liga Asobal and did a wonderful 12/14 against Leon. Only on loan in Ciudad Encantada, he should play with Atletico Madrid next year and should be able to prove what he is capable of in Champions League.

 Julius Kuhn (20 years old – Tussem Essen)

Fifth best scorer on field shots at the last U20 EURO, Julius Kuhn played a lot of games in Bundesliga this season. And despite a shoulder injury which prevented him to shoot as much as he wanted, he managed to score 1,6 goals per game. With Patrik Zieker, he forms a deadly left side with the junior national team and it will be interesting to see if they are still so efficient at the U21 World Championship this summer.

Middle Back

 Pablo Simonet (20 years old – Ciudad Encantada, Ivry next season)

The last, but not the least. The youngest brother of the Simonet brotherhood is already a key player of Ciudad Encantada where he scored 3,5 goals per game this season. He already did his first steps in national team at the World Championship in Spain and played great. He’ll move to France next season, and it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll do as good as Diego and Sebastian with Ivry’s shirt.

 Jim Gottfridsson (20 years old – Ystad, Flensburg next season)

Best player of Ystad this season, fifth best scorer of swedish championship, Jim Gottfridsson is ready for the next step of his career in Flensburg. He also made his first appearances with the swedish shirt this season (4 games, 6 goals), he is on his way to become the next big swedish star.

 Rui Silva (19 years old – Sporting Portugal)

Top scorer of the last U20 Euro, Rui Silva realises a great season with Sporting with nearly 3 goals per game. He also did great in EHF Cup where he scored 11 goals in two games against Ystad, the team of Gottfridsson. Still under contract with Sporting, he should emigrate to a strongest league in the two next seasons.

 Pawel Niewrzawa (20 years old – Lübbecke)

For his first season in Bundesliga, Pawel Nierzawa did some great things during the few minutes he was on the court. He managed to convinced Lubbecke’s staff to give him a two more years contract as he originally signed for one year. Lubbecke will change a lot next season, the new strategy will be based on young players so Niewrzawa should have a lot of playing time next season.

 Quentin Minel (20 years old – Créteil)

In a team fighting for its life in LNH, Quentin Minel is the attack leader with Hugo Descat. With 95 goals (5 goals per game, without any 7 meter shot), he was voted Player of the Month of February before Nikola Karabatic and Luc Abalo. He will be one of the key players of the french junior team at the World Championship which want to forget its horrible U20 Euro where they have finished 14th.

 Tomas Babak (19 years old – Jicin, St Gallen next season)

The new Filip Jicha is already the best player of the czech championship with 134 goals in 20 games. His team, Jicin, is on the right way to win the title and it’ll be a major achievement for Tomas Babak as he’ll leave Czech Republic for Switzerland next season. We’ll see if he’ll be able to keep this level in a club where Jicha did his first steps after Czech Republic too.

Right Back

 Alex Dujshebaev  (20 years old – Aragon)

Son of the well known Talant Dujeshebaev, Alex seems to have inherited of his father. Best scorer of Liga Asobal right now with 162 goals in 24 games. His future is still uncertain due to economics problems in Spain, maybe we could see him in some other strong european league next season. He’ll be in Bosnia with Spain as European champion of the category and he’ll certainly be one of the top players to follow during this competition.

 Harald Reinkind (20 years old – Fyllingen)

Out of the ground for 2 months due to an injury, Harald Reinkind did a great comeback which allowed him to celebrate his first game with Norway against France few days ago. With 4 goals per game and some defensive skills, he is the most promising norwegian player. Wetzlar thought of him for next season but finally they decided to recruit his fellow countryman Tonnesen who have some Champions League experience but it’s only a matter of time before seing him in a strongest league.

 Pawel Paczkowski (19 years old – Wisla Plock)

 In a country where young talents are rather rare, Pawel Paczkowski is precious. Called in national team last year as he just turned 19, he played the whole season with Plock where he was a regular player with 2 goals per game. As a right back, polish people expect him to be the next Marcin Lijewski, so he’ll have to confirm next season under Manolo Cadenas’s command, a coach known to help young players to develop.

 Jonas Langerhuus (20 years old – Ribe-Esbjerg HH)

He should have played this season with Kolding but with Kim Andersson coming, Jonas Langerhuus had to leave and he found the right place in Esbjerg. With 5 goals per game this season, he consolidates his status of best right back of the U18 EURO and he’ll be a key player for Denmark this summer for the U21 World Championship.

Right Wing

 Mario Sostaric (20 years old -Maribor Branik, on loan from Velenje)

He is one of the key players of Maribor Branik with Spelic and Zarabec and one of the reason of the great results of Maribor in EHF Cup. He will return to Gorenje next season and we should see him in Champions League as he will replace Melic who will leave to Paris. He will be a deadly weapon for Slovenia this summer with Borut Mackovsek.

 Bogdan Radivojevic (20 years old – Partizan Belgrade, Flensburg next season)

Totally unknown at the beginning of the season by the general public, Bogdan Radivojevic confirmed his great U20 European championship in Champions League with 43 goals in 9 games. His 13 goals in two games against Flensburg convinced Ljubomir Vranjes to sign him for next season. Serbia was given a second chance to participate at the World Championship as oceanian team withdrawn from the competition so Bogdan Radivojevic should do some spectacular moves on his wing this summer in Bonsia.

 Nicolas Raemy (21 years old – Kriens-Luzern)

He only played 11 games in swiss championship due to a cruciate ligament injury in November as he scored nearly 4 goals per game. It’s a shame, as he was on a great dynamic with the Nati (the swiss national team), being regulary called. Still injured until august, he should not be present in Bosnia unless he recovers faster than expected.


 Teo Coric (21 years old – RK Porec)

Voted best pivot at both U18 and U20 European championship, Teo Coric is the most promising line player of this generation. Very strong in defense, he seems to have new skills in attack as he scored 3 goals per game with Porec in croatian championship. He will be the big men in the croatian defense in Bosnia, and with him Croatia has a different face as they won a silver and a gold medal at U18 and U20 EURO with him and 8th at the U19 World Championship without him.

 Lukasz Rogulski(19 years old – Wybrzeze Gdansk)

Recently called in second polish national team to be tested, Lukasz Rogulski did great against Germany B, Denmark B and Norway B despite his club playing in polish second division. Unfortunately, his skills in defense weren’t enough to qualify Poland for U21 World Championship but we should see him in a polish top club next season.

 Mijajlo Marsenic (20 years old – Partizan Belgrade)

He is the other young player of Partizan who shine in Champions League this season. With 2 goals per game in Champions League, and good games in serbian championship, he won his place in senior national team in Spain where he played more than one hour. With Alem Toskic soon at the end of his career, he is the future serbian pivot.

After this overall review, it’s time to take a look at the Talents team of the 2012/2013 season :

12-13 season

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