Tomas Babak: « Training with Jicha is the best way to improve my skills »

Tomas Babak

Handball-Talents: Let’s talk a little about you. Who are you ? Who are you playing for ? How did you become a handball player in a country where handball is not so developed?

My name is Tomáš Babák and I am 19 years old. I chose to play handball because all my family members played handball and in my hometown it is the most popular sport. I started playing handball when I was 5 and I have never wanted to play anything else. My playing position is middle back but I often tempt on left back. Until last season I played in Jičín, but from next season I will play in Switzerland for team TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen.

Handball-Talents: Which players are inspiring you ?

I wouldn’t say that I have an idol in handball world, because each player has his strengths and weaknesses. So this is the reason why I admire something else in each player .

Handball-Talents: You have won the czech championship with Jicin, you have been voted MVP and you have finished top scorer. How did you live this season ?

I would say that the last season was one of the best, because we won the Czech championship with Jičín but the main point was that I got a chance in men´s national team and I hope that next seasons will be as great as this season was.

Handball-Talents:  Could you describe your style to our readers ? 

I think my style is based on speed and overview on the field.

Handball-Talents:  Despite the 13th place of Czech Republic in the last U20 European Championship, you finished second best scorer of the competition. What have it missed to your team to end higher ?

I don´t know, but I think more experience, courage and bravery. Before the championship or during the qualifications we were able to play good handball, but at championships we were all different.

Handball-Talents: Czech Republic just qualified for the EURO 2014 and you was on the bench for the last games for your first appearances under the senior national team shirt. How did you feel to live it with such players as Jicha, Horak or Juricek ?

It is a great feeling to try playing with such excellent players as Jicha, Horák, Juricek. I hope that I will learn from them some new skills for my future career.

Handball-Talents: How do you explain that Czech Republic is not a big handball nation like your neighbours Slovenia or Hungary ?

Handball is a beautiful sport. All players need speed, creativity, power and good thinking, but I would say that not many people in the Czech Republic know that. The biggest problem in our country is promotion and efforts to raise the profile of handball.

Handball-Talents: Filip Jicha and you play on the same position. Isn’t it a little bit frustrating to know you won’t have a lot of playing time until his retirement ?

I think that it is not frustrating. Filip Jicha is one of the best players in the world and I can train with him. In my opinion it is the best way to improve my skills.

Handball-Talents: You will play for St Gallen in Switzerland next season. Why did you choose a minor league ?

I chose St Gallen, because I think that it is a better way than going in some best league and only sitting on the bench there. Swiss league is better than the Czech one and the most important thing is to play and not to sit on the bench.

Handball-Talents: Some people said you were in touch with Montpellier. Some other big teams made offers to you ?

Yes, I had more offers from other teams, but we chose St Gallen and I believe that it is good choice.

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